Class Reunion Survey - 35th 2019

While our 35th Class Reunion is still fresh in our minds, please respond to this Class Reunion Survey so we can share the results with the new Administration and to continue providing our class with creative means of reuniting and maintaining our class fellowship in the coming years. Thanking you in advance for your prompt response. The 35th Reunion Committee.

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* Answer Required
1)   * How would you rate the class reunion?

2)   * Did reunion events seem organized?

  Somewhat organized
  Not At All
3)   * What were the factors that encouraged you to attend the class reunion?

  Class Reunion Website
  General mailings
  Contact with a friend (call/email)
  Class mailing
  Social Media announcement
  Strengthening ties with the school
4)   * Was the information you received in advance of our reunion (e-mails, announcements, etc.) helpful?

Yes No
5)   * How was the length of the reunion?

  Just Right
  Should have been longer
  Should have been shorter
6)   * Please rate the content and frequency of reunion communications

  Just Right
  Too Much
  Too Little
7)   * Please rate the content of the class reunion website

  I did not visit the class reunion website
8)   * Please rate your overall satisfaction with the class reunion Facebook?

  Somewhat Dissatisfied
9)   * Would you prefer us to use an electronic invite (Evite by email) next time to save on costs?

Yes No
10)   * How would you prefer to receive your reunion information?

  Social Media (Facebook, Website)
  Combination of Both
11)   * Did the advance payment discount prompt you to register earlier?

Yes No
12)   * Did you feel the costs to attend were reasonable?

Yes No
13)   * How would you like to register for future events?

  Use the class reunion website to register
  Use the mailer to register for the class reunion
14)   * Did you take advantage of the room block at the host hotel for the class reunion?

Yes No
15)   * Would you like us to block hotel rooms next time?

Yes No
16)   * How would you rate the hotel from 1-5 with five being great and one being terrible?

17)   * Do you prefer to stay:

  Close to the school (neighborhood)
  Close to the airport
  Close to downtown
18)   * Which events did you attend?

  Sunday - Church Service
  Thursday - Mix & Mingle
  Friday - Reunion Breakfast
  Friday - Meet & Greet
  Friday - Bowl-A-Thon
  Saturday - Black & White Gala
  Sunday - Class Cookout
19)   * How was the food at the Saturday Banquet?

  Not Bad
20)   * How was the Musician and DJ?

  Not Bad
21)   * Did you enjoy the Slide-Presentation at the Banquet?

Yes No
22)   * Has this class reunion inspired you to attend future alumni/class events in your local area?

  Definitely, yes!
  Not really
23)   * What changes would you like to see made to future class reunion?

  The entire committee :-(
24)   * Are you willing to help plan future events?

Yes No
25)   * What time of year would you like to have our next class reunion?

  Doesn’t matter…I will be there!!!!
  Doesn’t matter…I won’t come
26)   * Would you be interested in a class reunion cruise the next time around?

Yes No
27)   * Would you like to have more frequent get togethers with classmates? Not a full scale reunion but a dinner here and there just to keep in touch?

Yes No
28)   Please use this field to share free form comments, suggestions or other classmates you know of or other input.